Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What has happened to Ad Hit Profits?

Hi there friends!

it's been quite a while since my last update about Ad Hit Profits and it is just because I'm really tired of these businesses that keep failing one after another. 
A few days back I tried to log into my account to find a picture of the owners STP account showing a balance of over $60.000.000. This seemed to be some kind of fraudulent activity on his account. Since then the site has not been accessible by the membership. I tried to log in again today and found this announcement:
News Update:
We're working to restore the site as quickly as possible.

As all members are aware, SolidTrust and Ad Hit Profits experienced a malicious and intentional victimization the weekend of July 21/20.  An individual in Singapore found a way to manipulate the currency exchange calculations in his SolidTrust account as well as manipulation of payments to his Ad Hits account.  This resulted in a mind-boggling transfer of funds there never existed which then were automatically paid out as revenue share to Ad Hits members!  

Our tech department and the owner of Ad Hits worked tirelessly on the weekend to clean transactions up and reverse payments, but unfortunately, many, many unscrupulous and unethical members grabbed the payouts and ran to withdraw as fast as they could.  It was necessary for Ad Hits to take the site offline to not only prevent such abuse from continuing, but to also review each and every account in order to revert them to what they should be.

Ad Hits Profits members who stole from this program are responsible for repaying those funds. Members who are complaining to the processors are asked to be patient and allow the admin to clean house.  The ultimate harm is not the event that occurred, but the damage done by members as a result of the event.  The sooner the cleanup can be completed, the quicker the website will be available again.  

STPay confirms that the above is a true statement of fact.
As we all have noticed the program has slowed down in a drastic way during the last few weeks and I really don't like being negative but it seems to me that this will be used to close down the business... let's wait and see.

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